photo of Rita Silvan
I’m a writer  and editor specializing in investing, finance and women’s lifestyle content.

I’ve held senior editorial positions at top fashion publications such as FLARE, and ELLE Canada, where I helped launch the brand in English Canada and held the position of editor-in-chief from 2000-2010. Since then I have worked as an editorial consultant on several high-profile projects including the re-branding and re-launch of S/Style&Fashion. In addition, I write original blog content for financial institutions and business periodicals.

People often ask, “fashion and finance?”Well, yes. I’ve always been interested in both. To me they’re a natural fit, like the perfect pair of shoes. If you don’t understand the language of fashion, you’ll often feel off-kilter. And if you don’t understand how money and the markets work, you’ll never be truly comfortable or become financially independent—no matter how much money you have. Of course, being more financially savvy also gives you a good shot at being able to enjoy the finer things in life. There’s a saying: “and is the most hopeful word in the English language.” So, yeah. Fashion and finance, and

Women and men often have a different relationship to money and investing. Our financial realities are not the same. Women tend to be ultra-conservative with their money and, while this is not a bad thing, it’s not always the best thing.

With my extensive experience in women’s consumer publishing and wealth management knowledge, I know how to craft compelling communications that engage both high-net-worth women, as well as those beginning their financial journey.